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This was the start of a conversation with a new patient on their first session with me. There is often surprise expressed that the first acupuncture appointment takes at least an hour and a half – this is sometimes received with great enthusiasm – ‘time all about me!’, but can be a slightly daunting prospect for others.

As with all therapies it really is all about you! Five Element Acupuncture in particular aims to treat you, the person, rather than the bad back, the sad mood or the unpredictable digestive system. It’s a healing system which works at its best when practitioner and patient work as a team – the needles aren’t magic wands, they’re simply there to remind the body and mind how they function when they are in balance – how to be the best version of you, within your own unique parameters.

And that’s why I spend half of that first treatment getting to know you – what makes you tick, how your body responds to stressors. Some people are naturally very chatty, some people less so. And that’s absolutely fine – a silence can communicate just as effectively as words. That time is time for you – and it’s time that we rarely allow ourselves. 90 minutes are a small but precious gift to yourself.

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