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Children & Chinese Medicine

You might not think that acupuncture would be the first choice of therapy for children, but there are many other modalities that a trained practitioner will use alongside or instead of needles.

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My Treatments

Acupressure with a teishin (very fat, blunt needle which does not pierce the skin) can also be used to great effect as well as gently warming up the points (moxibustion). There is also a form of Chinese medical massage called Tui’na which I routinely use on very young children, and a ‘prescription’ of massage techniques on parts of the body can be taught to parents to carry out themselves at home. There are protocols for many common childhood problems including digestive distress and sleep issues. Specifically tailored herbal formulae can also be prescribed to help entrenched conditions such as eczema.

How Quickly Will It Work?

Children can respond very quickly to these therapies, as unlike adults, their systems have not been out of balance for very long. Typically, a child will only need a few treatments in a short period of time to find relief from symptoms.

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