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Number 1 reason – PAIN

  • It can be an acute / sports injury (bad back, shoulder, elbow or knee).
  • It can be chronic pain – something that’s developed over time and just won’t go away.
    • The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines, which is the reference your GP uses to make choices for treatments, includes acupuncture in its recommendations. There needs to be fairly sturdy evidence for this to be the case.
  • It can be headaches and migraines – again, NICE includes acupuncture as one of the recommendations for the treatment of headaches in the over 12s.

People also come for a wide variety of other reasons including fatigue, low mood, insomnia, women’s health and hay fever. There are some useful factsheets produced by the British Acupuncture Council which reference the evidence behind acupuncture for these conditions.

Acupuncture Research Evidence | BAcC

Why do people keep coming for acupuncture?

Many of my patients will continue to come for treatments on a 4-8 weekly basis, because although their original problem has usually improved, they find that, sometimes unexpectedly, acupuncture has helped with other areas of their lives such as sleep or mood. They feel that regular sessions are part of their toolkit to manage everyday challenges.

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